One Quarter

tiny bookThe idea of writing a book scares me. So big. So many words. It’s like I have a writer’s form of agoraphobia. But here’s the rub– I have a story to share. Some characters to introduce to the world. How do I write the story without scaring myself? Without scarring myself?

Well, I don’t have to write the whole thing all at once. I don’t have to do it in a way that is too daunting. I can do it in baby steps. And to show that to myself, I will write a little book first. Oh no, not something with petty themes, mind you. I can take my big ideas and write them on small paper. Then it won’t seem so ominous.

It kind of started casually. I had an idea and jotted it down on a piece of scrap paper. Then I had another idea for the same story and wrote it on another piece of scrap paper. This continued to happen for a couple pages, and I came to an important realization–writing big on small paper wasn’t so scary after all. So, to give myself some more space (but not so much that it would frighten me), I grabbed a couple more pieces of scrap paper and stapled them to what I already had. A tiny book.

Now, I must tell you that I have a stack of scrap paper that is all the same size. Call it going green, but before an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper hits the trash at my house, I intercept it and, if it’s blank on one side, I cut it into quarters. The result? A stack of 4 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ paper that fits nicely in the basket on my writing desk. This is what I’ve been using to jot these notes for this “book.” Scary even saying it, but seeing a similar stack of “books” on the writing shelf in a kindergarten classroom, confirmed it was a brilliant idea. If a kindergartener isn’t afraid to write a book, I shouldn’t be either.

About Amy Nicholson

A busy wife and mother pausing to ponder the beauty and complexity of life and share it with words.
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