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‘Til Death Do Us Part. . .With Our Stuff?

My attempt to add some levity to the topic of clutter in today’s post on Little Town Writer’s Guild. Click here to read.

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Blackout Poetry


I really am sorry

So I came home

screwed up

realized I

don’t need to leave.

I still need more training actively seeking (practicing?) joy.

But sometimes, joy sneaks up on you, and isn’t that fun!

We have a fantastic library in town. Not only did they remain open for curbside service through the pandemic, they also started offering FREE activity bags–to ADULTS! You know I’ve been signing up for those! Thanks to these nifty kits, I’ve tried my hand at zentangle, tested my knowledge of Beatles trivia against my 20-year-old son’s (I failed miserably!), and I made a blackout poem.

To make a blackout poem, you take a text from a book, newspaper, magazine and blackout words to create your own poem. The blacking out can be done in a variety of ways. You can simply mark over words with a marker or you can create an image which highlights certain words.

The library kit contained book pages, 2 black Sharpies, a page of instructions with tips and examples, and a entry form inviting us to enter our creations in a blackout poetry contest. I gave it a try.

I took one of the book pages and scanned it, looking for. . .well, I wasn’t sure what I was looking for! It was my first time doing this. First I looked for words that jumped out at me. Beautiful words. Then I looked for patterns, messages. As the words swam in front of me (similar to the 3D pictures in those Magic Eye books from the 90s), I found I was looking for ways to make them say what I wanted to say.

I enjoyed the process. I was able to at the same time focus on the task in front of me and also get lost in it. It was relaxing and required just enough concentration and creativity to give my mind a mini-vacation.

I circled the words I wanted to keep with a pencil. Then I decided on an image I could draw (with my limited artistic ability) that would compliment the new poem I was creating. I consulted my artist-in-residence (the 20-year-old who also possesses more knowledge of the Beatles than his grandparents), and then got to work with the Sharpie. (The above poem was the result.) I submitted it to the contest.

And I won!

A while after the contest closed, I got a call from one of the librarians telling me I had won the contest. I hope she can still hear out of that ear because I think my voice was very loud and very high-pitched when I responded, “I DID?” Not just was I not expecting it, I was also having a crummy day. Well, actually, an extremely challenging month.

And then the phone rang.

And it was happy news.

I drove myself right up to that wonderful library and retrieved my poem and my prize.

The takeaway here? Take a chance on something new and fun. Take a chance on yourself.

And PLEASE reach out and grab joy whenever you can. I’m convinced, every day presents an opportunity to do just that. We have to be open to it.

(To view the flipbook and see all the entries for this contest, as well as the judge’s comments, click here and “flip” through the pages.)

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My Penzu online journal reminded me via email of this snowy day I wrote about five years ago. Uncanny how different-but-the-same it is from today.

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Traveling with the Magi

Come visit the King of Kings with me in this blog post on Dappled Things.

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Here We Are. . .

New Year’s Day, 2022.

Way back in December, a few of us writers connected to The Little Town Writer’s Guild submitted some thoughts on the new year.

I sent in a blurb on my focus word for 2022: JOY.

The editor compiled everyone’s pieces and published them here. It’s a nice, reflective piece. I hope you check it out.

But here’s the thing. We’re almost six hours into 2022, and I’m not feelin’ that joy yet. In fact, I’m on tiptoe squinting towards the horizon, and I don’t see it coming anytime soon.

It would be so easy to choose a new focus.

But I’m not doing it.

I’m sticking with JOY.

There’s a reason I chose it. The Lord knew that it wasn’t going to be easy for me to maintain a joy-filled outlook with what was coming next. He foresaw this icky, sticky, challenging circumstance I’m in. I’m going to try to be joyful despite my circumstances. It’s ok.

I’ve got all year to figure it out.

Wishing you and yours JOY in 2022.

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Prepare Him Room

Making time for Advent on the Clerestory podcast today. Listen here.

(Click on the link, click on the screen, click on the podcast. 3 clicks and we’re connected!)

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Lockdown Hope

One of my writer blessings from this year has been publication in a variety of places. Today, Steven Fowler, the editor of the Hindsight 2020 book, posted excerpts from my essay “Lockdown Hope” on Facebook and Instagram. I’m thankful for the opportunity to share how gardening helped us blossom during a challenging time.

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Beholding Winter

I have a new post up at the Little Town Writer’s Guild website! Find it here.

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Zoom Poetry Reading Today!

The latest issue of The Perch, the mental health creative arts journal published by Yale’s Program for Recovery and Community Health, launches online today and you’re invited! It’s my honor to be reading one of my poems, “Garden Rebellion,” for this event. I hope you can join us.

I’ve also included a link to the online journal itself. Check it out. It’s gorgeous!

The View From Here: A Special Issue on Living in the Time of COVID

Click here to view the journal online

Virtual Launch Event:
Thursday, November 18th at 4:30pm
Click here for Zoom link
Meeting ID 957 5011 5040

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