Lessons from Logs

Published in Litchfield County Times on Dec. 3, 2010.

Sometimes the most profound truths are unearthed in simple chores. Like stacking wood…

The most effective way to stack wood outside our cellar door is to build a tower log-cabin-style at one end and pile the wood uniformly beside it. To build the tower, two or three logs are placed one way and in the next layer, they are placed crosswise on those logs.

The position of the logs alternates as you go up. This will make for a fairly study tower, but the key is to use the flatest, straightest logs possible. This is not always an easy task. If the logs are too round, they roll off the pile. If the heights of the two logs on the same pile vary, the tower will tip and only get worse as subsequent layers are added.

I found myself looking for perfect, flat, uniformly-shaped logs. It was futile effort. No log is perfect. But I did find that certain logs fit better in certain places than did other logs. Just like people. Noone is perfect, and no place is perfect. But we all have a place that may suit us very well. A place where we belong. The key is in our willingness to search for it.


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