How Are You Doing?

August 1st marked the midpoint of the year.

I found myself reflecting back on my one-word goal for the year: FOCUS. January 1st, I vowed to focus on the things in my life that were most important to me. Here we are halfway through, how am I doing so far?

I think I’m on track.

The pandemic actually helped me sharpen my focus. Like a spiritual retreat, the time spent away from my typical routine provided space for me to reflect on my priorities. Where I was usually leaving the house early everyday, working, and then, most days, running to the grocery store to pick up a few things, and coming home to rush around accomplishing as much as possible before it was time to go to bed only to do it all over again the next, suddenly, during the lockdown, I had no place to go and a very different, slower routine.

I started paying more attention to my husband and my children, trying to support them in any way I could. I was more intentional about cleaning the house and more appreciative of my yard while working outdoors. Work around the house and the yard wasn’t really work at all. It was a joy.

If life could be that meaningful when I didn’t have the choice to leave home, could it still be that meaningful if I did have the choice? Similar to Anne Morrow Lindberg’s question in Gift of the Sea, will I be able to take the lessons I learned during this quarantine and continue to live into them once the quarantine is lifted? I hope so.

How about you? Did you choose a focus word for 2020? How are you doing?

About Amy Nicholson

A busy wife and mother pausing to ponder the beauty and complexity of life and share it with words.
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1 Response to How Are You Doing?

  1. Richard O. Benton says:

    I’ll answer it here, Amy. I am doing well. The pandemic has focused me on many avenues of writing I had continually put off because there was always something more needful to accomplish, i.e. not enough days in the week or the energy to do them. For years I have been collecting short stories, the majority of them responses to the weekly LWG prompts. Our meetings have been suspended for the time being with no ETA on restarting, although I have set my own date and hope that LCC will be able to accommodate. If not, I will set another date. In the meantime I am putting together eight (I think) volumes of short stories, the most representative ones, from my multi- genera collection and will publish them one by one every two months or so.

    Holly is another story, but one that appears to heading in the right direction. Her heart issues got to the point where they finally did an ablation, zapping and freezing many internal parts of her heart and something over a month since the procedure she is playing tennis exceedingly well and is a much happier person these days.

    You are doing well and making excellent life choices. Carry on, my friend.



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