One Day at a Time

On Sunday, July 14, my husband and I celebrated our dating anniversary. Thirty-two years ago we went on our first date. Way back on July 14, 1987 we went to the movies, got an ice cream, and looked at the stars through a telescope in an open field. That night was pretty much where our story began.

Now we have been married twenty-five years. We have three awesome kids. We’ve been through a lot together–good and bad. Sometimes we look around and wonder How did we get here? 

One day at a time.

Life is made up of moments.

How did we get here?

I got up and made him coffee and packed his lunch. He kissed me and went to work. One hundred eighty-one days every year. One day at a time.

He built the boy’s rooms, one piece of drywall at a time, one nail at a time.

The money goes in the bank. One paycheck at a time.

We walked around the track together this morning. One step at a time.

Not every step is easy. Some are downright unbearable. But it’s the steps that finish the race.

And I’m happy, blessed, honored to be walking with him.

Thanks for walking with me, Deej. Love you.



About Amy Nicholson

A busy wife and mother pausing to ponder the beauty and complexity of life and share it with words.
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