A Valuable Exercise

IMG_4298 I just finished reading Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead. Wow! Although I am a newer fan of Brown, I find myself quoting her A LOT. Her research on shame which began twenty years ago with her doctoral thesis is relevant and meaningful to anyone who deals with people in their work, in their life. In other words, all of us.

One of the things she does in Lead is list 117 values and asks the reader to choose two values that they live by. Included in the list are things like faith, family, love, career. It is tempting to choose ten or fifteen, but she quotes Jim Collins as saying, “If you have more than three priorities, you have no priorities.”

It’s true, when you think about it.

What really motivates the things we do and say everyday?

But it’s difficult to narrow down the list. So Brown suggests circling fifteen to start with and then narrowing that list down to two.

I did it.

I identified two values that drive every decision I make and everything I do. They even affect how I treat people and what I think about myself.

It’s a powerful exercise. I recommend it.

It’s a worthy thing to learn what you’re all about.


About Amy Nicholson

A busy wife and mother pausing to ponder the beauty and complexity of life and share it with words.
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2 Responses to A Valuable Exercise

  1. Catherine says:

    I would guess that faith is one of your values!! I am thinking of what my own second one would be.Thank your for sharing this title with us.


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