Fries and Catch Up


I didn’t start talking until I was sixteen. Ok, that’s not completely true, but I was painfully shy. As a child, my sister who is five years younger than I would march up to the counter at McDonald’s to ask for ketchup while I remained glued to my seat in the booth eating naked fries. Which was a shame. I love my fries dressed in ketchup.

In high school, my mom attended a parent-teacher conference. My beloved biology teacher told her, “Amy doesn’t say much, so when she talks, the class listens.” Talk about power and pressure in a single statement.

So here I am, light years away from childhood, raising my own children and starting this blog. Scary. The first step in anything is often the most difficult. And sending words into the world? What could be more frightening? Words convey ideas. Ideas change people. People change the world. Yikes! Power and pressure. Is the little girl cemented to the booth in a fast food joint ready for that? She’s not. But I am. This is me saying no to naked fries. Ketchup, please!

About Amy Nicholson

A busy wife and mother pausing to ponder the beauty and complexity of life and share it with words.
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1 Response to Fries and Catch Up

  1. Dick Benton says:

    Hi Amy. I’ll be a fan!


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